Musselin-Bettwäsche in der Farbe Oat
Musselin-Bettwäsche in der Farbe Oat Frau liegt auf Bett
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Muslin bedding "Eliane" 155x220cm (61x87”) • Oat

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Our bedding designs

Our muslin bedding from the Fields and Forrest collection in opulent Oat invites you to sleep in, daydream, and relax. An absolute must-have for a stylish bedroom!

Our bedding materials

Our bedding is made of 100% organic muslin cotton and combines the soft feel of muslin with an aesthetic look. The duvet cover and pillowcase are fitted with high-quality zippers. Our bedding is sewn in Germany and meets the OEKO-TEX standard.

Sizes & care of our bedding

  • Size pillowcases: 80cm x 40cm (31x16”) or 80cm x 80cm (31x31”) or 60cm x 40cm (24x16”)
  • Size duvet cover: 155 x 220 cm (61x87”)
  • Blanket with fine intermediate seam
  • High-quality zippers in duvet cover and pillowcase
  • Machine washable 60°C
  • Dryer-proof
  • Non-iron

By using and washing it, our bedding becomes softer and softer over time, which gives it its typical muslin characteristics.