Why did all schools and kindergartens suddenly close?

Why can't we go to the playground anymore?

And why did mom and dad cancel the vacation that I was looking forward to so much?

The current corona crisis raises questions not only for adults, but also for many children. Perhaps this question is different from the one we ask ourselves. But they are no less important and can appear unsettling and frightening to many children. We would therefore like to encourage you to speak openly with your children about the topic and answer their questions. We are well aware that this is not an easy task and that it certainly requires a certain instinct.

For this reason, we have thought about what we as a company can do to support you parents in bringing up the topic of coronavirus in a child-friendly manner. The result is the lovingly illustrated coloring book "I'll protect you and me"that is supposed to introduce the children to the topic in a playful way.

And so you can do the coloring book for free download:

  1. Follow the link: Children's coloring book Corona
  2. Put the coloring book in the shopping basket.
  3. Go to checkout and proceed to payment.
  4. The following text will be displayed: Your order is for free. No payment required.
  5. Hit BUY. You will immediately receive the document for download and will also receive a download link via email!
  6. Now all you have to do is print out the coloring book and color it with your children.

Finally, we would like to point out that we have no medical training and that all information in this book is based on the recommendations of the WHO and the Robert Koch Institute. However, since the situation changes every day, we would like to ask that you continue to inform yourself about the latest developments and recommendations!

We wish you a lot of fun coloring and hope that you all stay healthy!


Author: Eliane Wikert

Eliane Wikert
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