Muslin-Scrunchie • Kids

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Design our Scrunchies

Never have a Bad Hair Day again with our stylish child-sized muslin scrunchies in many trendy colors.

Material from our scrunchies

Our scrunchies are made of 100% muslin organic cotton. They are sewn in Germany and are made from fabric offcuts left over from our production. In the spirit of sustainable production, we sensibly recycle these offcuts to minimize waste.

Sizes & care of our scrunchies

  • Diameter 10cm (4")
  • Machine washable 40°C

By using and washing our scrunchies, they become softer and softer over time which gives them their typical muslin characteristics.

All of our scrunchies and headbands are made from 100% organic muslin cotton. They are lovingly sewn in Germany from offcuts of fabric left over from our production. In terms of sustainable production, we recycle these offcuts in order to minimize waste.

Size and care instructions

  • Diameter of adult scrunchie: 14 cm
  • Diameter scrunchie children: 10 cm
  • Headband diameter: 55 cm with elastic band
  • Machine wash at 40°C

Our scrunchies become softer and softer through use and washing, giving them the typical muslin characteristics.