How can I purchase a hutch&putch voucher?

You can order vouchers at values 30€, 50€, 75€, 100€ and 200€ here. Please contact us for special requests at

How do I redeem a voucher?

You can easily enter your voucher code during the check-out process.

How long is your voucher valid?

Our vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Where can I find discount codes?

From time to time, we cooperate with influencers who occasionally get limited-time discount codes for their followers. However, internal discount promotions are also communicated via newsletter, so  feel free to sign up and you won't miss anything.

How do I redeem a discount?

You can easily enter your discount code during the checkout process.

What happens to my voucher in case of a refund?

Your voucher value is always calculated proportionally to the total value of yout order which means that the amount not redeemed will be credited back to your voucher.

What happens to discount codes if I want to return part of my order?

The discount is always calculated proportionally to the total value of your order. So if you only keep a part of your order, the discount will be applied to the invoice amount, minus the value of the returned goods.