We make textile products from muslin - nothing more, nothing less. And because our focus is so clearly defined, we also know exactly what we are doing! Our range includes classic muslin products such as muslin cloths and scarves, as well as selected products for in the home and for all kinds of occasions. From the founding of the label until today, we are learning every day and are constantly evolving so that we can offer you the finest possible products. Because we are completely convinced of the potential that lies in this wonderful fabric - and we want to share our enthusiasm with you. 



High-quality, sustainable, timeless...let's be honest: Isn't that what every brand claims? That's why we're saying no more empty words and bye-bye to buzzword bingo! We call a spade a spade and only promise what we can also really deliver – and that's a promise! 
Sense of responsibility:
We all bear responsibility - both when it comes to the environment and social responsibility. In order to meet this responsibility, all our fabrics are 100% organic muslin cotton or organic bamboo and meet the GOTS or the OEKO-TEX standard. These organizations set the requirements which guarantee that textiles are produced in an ecologically sustainable and socially responsible manner. We have our own sewing workshop for the further finishing of the fabrics and also work with local seamstresses and seamstresses from Germany who are all paid fairly for their work. However, since sustainability does not stop with the end product, we also avoid unnecessary packaging materials when shipping our products. 
Off-the-shelf designs? No way! Every color and every pattern is a hutch&putch original. Which is why we are always looking for the latest trends and inspiration from around the world. Our goal is to combine quality and functionality with fashionable and unique designs that match the lifestyle of modern and style-conscious individuals for every situation. We cooperate with a creative network of freelance designers in order to realize our dreams. This adds a personal touch to each design and makes each one a unique hutch&putch item.
We are honest: We are far from where we want to be. We are not perfect and we still want to be better in lots of areas, which is why we are striving to improve ourselves every day. We are still on a journey and we are taking you with us every step of the way! Whether it's optimizing our delivery procedures or collaborating with new production sites: We want to be absolutely transparent and communicate with you as equals. Your happiness is what drives us. Because we are only satisfied when you are too.



Only those who know their destination will find the way. That's why hutch&putch is more than about your run-of-the-mill muslin fabrics. We produce the finest feel-good muslin, which fully aligns with our own colors and sentiments. If something is to be really good, it has to be more than just made out of the highest quality of sustainable raw materials and nice-looking designs. It should also suit us and give our lives that little bit extra – at any phase of our lives. For the expectant mother who, with our muslin cloths, is preparing for a new addition to the family, or the couple who is moving in together and creating a shared sanctuary with the help of our home furnishings. We are with you always and wherever you go with our high-quality muslin products and we make sure that your style suits every situation.