Today we'll show you how to make this colorful door wreath out of leftover fabric in just three steps! This beautiful door wreath is a real eye-catcher and gives your entrance area a colorful accent!
Colorful door wreath made of scraps of fabric DIY in front of a white door
For this you need:
  • Fabric leftovers in different colors (we used our muslin fabric)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Half ring made of styrofoam (diameter 30 cm)
  • Skewer or an embossing pen
  • Ribbon for hanging
Step 1:

Cut the leftover fabric into pieces approx. 5x5 cm. To save time, you can fold the fabric several times, then first cut it into strips about 5 cm wide and then into squares.

Cut fabric into squares

Step 2:

Press the fabric squares into the styrofoam ring with a skewer or an embossing pen. Press the fabric squares in very close together until the ring is completely covered.

Squares of fabric with a skewer or Press the embossing pin into the styrofoam ring

Step 3:

Tie a ribbon around the ring and tie a knot. Now you can hang the door wreath on your door - done!

Hang up the door wreath

Have fun tinkering!

Author: Xenia Niernsee

Daniela Barth
Tagged: menu_DIY