When summer is slowly coming to an end and the trees and fields are beginning to take on colour, then it's time for the new autumn/winter collection! To keep us warm in the cold season, this time we have opted for muted and soft pastel shades that set a delicate color accent.

Because while nature first goes to sleep colorful and bright, and the cold, uncomfortable winter days break in again, we can make ourselves comfortable at home and enjoy this spectacle from afar.

Our colors for scarves and home textiles


The trend color Sage is a light, slightly greyish green that creates a calming atmosphere while adding an elegant touch of color to grey brings foggy days.


Mauve is a subtle purple with fine, bluish undertones. This color can be used skilfully and in a variety of ways, and above all it can be excellently combined with classic shades such as white and black.


Cereal has never been so cuddly! This muted, sandy beige tone makes itself felt in any room thanks to its warm and cozy effect. In addition, as a pastel natural tone, it is also the ideal companion for the golden autumn.


If the foggy days and dark clouds in the sky get too monotonous, this fresh blue is sure to bring life back into your day! The bright color is particularly effective in combination with light tones.

Dark grey

This timeless classic with warm undertones is always an eye-catcher, which also harmonizes perfectly with other colors and can be staged with all kinds of styles.

Our cheesecloth designs


Who naturally catches your eye on an autumn walk through the forest? That's right, the toadstool! Just as unmistakable as the mushrooms with their red hats and white dots is this sweet cheesecloth that is guaranteed to put you in an autumn mood.


This delicate stone fruit is definitely something very special among the forest fruits. Although they are usually already ripe in October or November, the fruits survive the winter and stay bravely on the bush, just like your new muslin cloth, which is at your side in every situation and thanks to its quality can last as many winters with you as you like.

Forest animals

There is something magical about the forest in winter with all its plants and animals. While the trees have lost their leaves and most of the animals are hibernating, there are a few brave fighters who impress us. How nice that the nocturnal owl and the sleeping badger will still be loyal companions for the next season thanks to this muslin cloth!

Grass cloths toadstool, blackthorn and forest animals

Our products are now even more sustainable

We are very pleased that the new collection is not only a huge step forward for us in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of quality.  The fabrics for this collection were washed in a family business near Como in Italy and dyed in our individual colors. This works according to the REACH regulation EG 1907/2206 and the "Clear to Water" standard. If you are more interested in this, please read our blog post on the price change!

FIELDS & FOREST extends the sortiment with five new colors for scarves and the LIVING area as well as three muslin cloth designs.

Author: Jane-Lee Fromm

Eliane Wikert
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