Back , side, or prone position: which position is the healthiest of all? First of all, to it has to be said that there is no such thing as THE right sleeping position, as is often assumed. How you sleep best is entirely up to you and your needs. That's why it doesn't make sense to give up your favorite sleeping position as long as you don't have any problems. Here is a brief overview of how to find the right sleeping position for you:

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1. Supine position: good for the back but bad for snorers  

The supine position is also often called the "royal supine position" because this sleeping position is obviously the best for our back. The spine is straight here and therefore our neck and back can be best relieved in this position. So if you suffer from tension or back pain, then you should definitely try out whether you wake up relieved with this position in the morning. If you sleep on your back, however, you should make sure that you sleep with a thin pillow or, ideally, even without one, because if your spine is not straight, it can neck tension occurs.  

But beware: the supine position is not suitable for snorers - or for the sleeping partners of snorers. As the jaw and tongue relax and sag here, snoring can be increased!

2. Side position: The most popular of all sleeping positions

Sleeping on your side has many advantages and disadvantages, with some differences between sleeping on the right and left side. In principle, however, it makes little difference for healthy people which side they sleep on. Here too, choosing the right pillow is crucial: Since your spine tends to be slightly curved, your head needs the right support in this position so that your cervical spine does not overstretch or snaps off Find a slightly higher and wider pillow that fills the space between your shoulder and neck in a way that your neck muscles get enough support. The right choice of mattress and slatted frame also play a role here. For example, there are slatted frames with an integrated shoulder lowering function. Before you make your next purchase, it definitely makes sense to seek advice from a specialist shop.

Sleeping on the right side with heart problems:  < /p>

If you suffer from heart problems, then this position is advisable for you. On the left side, the weight of the upper body can put pressure on the heart and release stress hormones. Your vegetative nervous system also calms down here and you can sleep better. However, when sleeping on the right side, the stomach opening is also wide open. This can cause stomach acid to flow up into the esophagus. So if you suffer from heartburn, you should definitely avoid this position. 

Sleeping on left side for heartburn:  < /p>

Precisely what is problematic when sleeping on the right side is avoided here: heartburn is prevented. Overall, sleeping on the left side is more beneficial for digestion because the pancreas is on the left and the digestive enzymes have an easier route.

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