Night sweats is a not uncommon problem that many people deal with in the course of their lives. Sweating at night can have many causes, which are harmless in most cases. It's still uncomfortable - that's why we've put together 6 tips on where the sweat could come from and how you can get rid of it!< /p>

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1. Too hot! 

Sure, the most obvious cause of night sweats is falling asleep with the wrong room temperature. By the way, this does not only have to happen when it is hot in summer, even if the room you sleep in is too cold, this can also lead to sweating. 

The perfect temperature in the bedroom is around 18 degrees. Airing out just before bed or fans can help on hot summer nights so that you can sleep more comfortably. 

2. Synthetic bedding and sleepwear

If you sweat a lot at night, it can also be because you sleep with the wrong bed linen. Duvets that are too thick and laundry with synthetic content cause your body temperature to rise unnecessarily and cause a sticky skin feeling. It's best to sleep in fabrics like cotton, linen or of course our cozy muslin bed linen.

3. Stress

Stress can also be a cause of night sweats. In this case, your body will give you a signal that he needs a little more attention br! Before you go to sleep, give yourself a little rest so your body can really switch off. If you have a hard time relaxing before falling asleep, try yourself for example move a little to and get some fresh air.

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4. Alcohol, nicotine or spicy food

Cigarettes and alcohol, but also spicy food, body get confused while you sleep and it has to work to process the fabrics. So leave a few hours before going to sleepthe fingers of it, if you calm and want to sleep lightly.

5 . Hormonal fluctuations

< span data-contrast="auto" xml:lang="DE-DE" lang="DE-DE" class="TextRun SCXW139524903 BCX4">Night sweating can be a symptom, especially in women from hormonal fluctuations. This can happen during puberty, during pregnancy, but also during menopause and is completely harmless. can also help here by regulating the room temperature and using the right bed linen. Especially when your body is going through a turbulent time due to hormones, you can do something good for yourself and make your sleep as comfortable as possible - after all, that's also an individual question. So be clear about what helps you personally!

< span data-contrast="auto" xml:lang="DE-DE" lang="DE-DE" class="TextRun SCXW139524903 BCX4">6. When to see a doctor

< span data-contrast="auto" xml:lang="DE-DE" lang="DE-DE" class="TextRun SCXW139524903 BCX4">If night sweats develop over a is a regular problem for you, then you should pay attention. As you have just seen, most of the causes are unproblematic and are related to everyday sleeping habits. But as soon as the night sweats become a problem, for example because you often wake up drenched in sweat, please see a doctor. Night sweats are a common symptom of severe colds, diabetes and overactive thyroid, among others.

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