We love summer! The warm rays of sunshine on your skin, eating a cool ice cream in between...if it weren't for the unbearable heat that drives us crazy during the day and keeps us from sleeping at night. The high temperatures can be especially tiring for children. But don't worry, we've collected the best tips for you on how to make your child as comfortable as possible - despite the summer heat!


Our first tip may start in the morning, but it has an effect throughout the day. In order to keep your child's room pleasantly cool, you should make sure that you ventilate it properly and darken the room. In order to create an optimal room climate, it is advisable to ventilate the room in the morning and ensure the most effective possible exchange of air by opening the windows wide and for 20 to 25 minutes. So that the room does not heat up again directly, a light sun protection should be attached in front of the window, such as our curtains made of fine muslin.

Dusty Pink Muslin Curtains
Adequate hydration is the be-all and end-all for young and old. But let's be honest, very few of us manage to drink the recommended amount of water, even though that's currently the case summer would be particularly important. Refreshing snacks such as watermelon or cucumber, which naturally contain a lot of water and which you can give your kids in between, can help here. For those with a sweet tooth, homemade ice cream made from juice or pureed fruit is also available.
Melon Gauze Cloths

On the go:

In general, you should make sure that your child is lightly dressed so that it does not sweat unnecessarily. Fabrics such as pure cotton, silk or linen are ideal for summer temperatures. As soon as you go outside to enjoy the sunshine, it is important that your child is not exposed to the blazing sun for too long. But even that can be easily solved with a few little tricks. If you are traveling with a stroller, you can easily convert a large muslin cloth into an awning and place it over the stroller. Don't worry - your child will be fine and nothing can happen to him. Our cheesecloths are made from the finest muslin, a fabric known for its temperature regulating, breathable and absorbent properties. Incidentally, you can also use the muslin cloth trick when driving in the car by attaching the cloth to the car window from the inside, thereby reducing direct sunlight.

Lemon pattern cheesecloth pram cover

But our gauze cloths can do even more: With just a few simple steps, a gauze cloth becomes a hat that not only protects against the sun, but also looks incredibly cute at the same time. For optimal protection, we recommend that the scarf adequately covers the head and is worn as a turban. In the evening, the muslin cloth can be converted into a bandana or hair band.

gauze melon pattern headscarf


As soon as the sun has set and it cools down, it is advisable to air the room well again. You can also easily build a "natural" air conditioning system by using the principle of evaporative cooling. To do this, you hang damp towels on a drying rack and place it in front of the open (!) window. The rising damp creates a cooling effect, which, however, only makes sense if the room is ventilated at the same time. Otherwise the trick would be counterproductive and would only lead to a muggy indoor climate. When sleeping, you should make sure that your child is only lightly covered so that it does not sweat during sleep. A light summer blanket or a large muslin cloth is completely sufficient.

Grass cloths melon pattern as a blanket

On particularly warm nights, you can use another muslin cloth trick to keep your child pleasantly cool at bedtime. For this, the cloth must be slightly moistened and placed in the freezer for some time. You can then simply lay the muslin cloth loosely over the bed or carefully cool your child with it. By the way: Such a cold muslin cloth is also incredibly beneficial for adults!

gauze towels lemon design as cooling


With our tips, the summer can be as hot as it wants, because we are well prepared - as long as you have a muslin cloth in your luggage ;) And thanks to our "Melon & Lemon" muslin cloth summer collection, a fresh look is also guaranteed !

Author: Eliane Wikert

Eliane Wikert
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