Happy Halloweeeeeen! Admittedly, given the current corona pandemic, a "normal" Halloween is hardly conceivable this year. But even if we can't go door to door or throw a party, we don't want to miss out on the fun of at least making a Halloween costume. Especially when it's as easy and quick to implement as our sheep costume!

DIY Sheep Halloween Costume

Everything you need:

- gray (or even better white) sweat jacket with hood

- lots of cotton balls (we needed three packs)

- black felt fabric

- hot glue gun

- Scissors

- Marker pen

- black leggings

- black long sleeve

1. First cut off the sleeves of the sweat jacket below the sleeve seam.

Sweatshirt with cropped sleeves

2. Next you stick the jacket tightly with the cotton balls. To do this, first roll the cotton between your palms to bring it into a round shape. When gluing, you should make sure not to glue the balls in rows, but offset next to each other. This way the "fur" will appear more natural and, above all, denser later.

Cotton balls are glued to the costume

3. If you have completely pasted the jacket, the last thing missing are the ears. To do this, cut out two pointed ears from black felt, which should be around 12 cm long.

Ears will be made of black felt cut

4. To create the creased effect, use the hot glue gun to draw a thin strip down the center of the ear and pinch the ear.

felt ears are glued in the middle

5. Finally, all you have to do is attach the ears to the side of the hood and the sheep costume is ready! To complete the costume only black leggings and a black long sleeve are missing.

Felt ears are glued to the sheep costume

We wish you a lot of fun tinkering and a Happy Halloween!


Author: Eliane Wikert

Eliane Wikert
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