We all have a responsibility - ecologically and socially. As a company, we feel particularly obliged to commit ourselves to this responsibility. That is why we only use 100% organic cotton that complies with the GOTS or Öko-TEX® 100 standardright But what is so special about cotton and what exactly is muslin at all? We clarify!


We only use organic cotton that has been processed into muslinearthCotton is one of the most popular fabrics in textile production. It is used in around 50% of the garments produced worldwide - And for a good reason. they is a natural raw material, so it grows back. Also is they known for your Skin friendliness and their low allergy potential, which is particularly important for baby and children's products.

Cotton fabrics are extremely breathable and temperature regulating, very hard-wearing and long-lasting. They can absorb up to 27 times their own weight in water - ideal for gauze cloths if something goes wrong. 

Since we use organic quality fabrics, a lot less water is used for cultivation than for conventional cultivation (up to 91 percent less!). In addition, organic cotton is gentle on the soil, because fewer pesticides are used and monocultures are prevented, so that the soil can recover.



Muslin has been made since the 17th century. It got its name from the Iraqi city of Mosul, as it was then decorated with oriental patterns. 

muslin is characterized by an extremely soft feel and unique look. Muslin is a extremely temperature equalizinghe, breathablehe and absorbenthe fabricwhich makes it the ideal material, especially for baby and children's products, such as Gauze cloths, but also for home textiles such as bed linen.  

The characteristic "Crinkel-Optic “is given to muslin by turning the weaving thread slightly. It ensures that the fabric is softer and even with each wash crinkier becomes. 

The Öko-TEX and GOTS certificates of our products also guarantee that our products are absolutely free of harmful substances, from the fabric to buttons and zippers. In this way we can ensure that they are also safe for sensitive baby skin and guarantee maximum comfort.

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Author: Isabell Gritzka
Eliane Wikert