You can make all sorts of beautiful things with muslin scraps. We have instructions for a cute Easter bunny and a hen that you can easily sew. You can download the appropriate templates here.

Stuffed rabbit and stuffed hen in front of tulips

    For this you need: 

    • Fabric scraps (we used our muslin fabric)
    • Our templates: Bunny and chick
    • a pair of fabric scissors
    • Pen
    • needle and thread
    • Pins
    • Feeding
    • pom poms and decorative yarn

    Stencil on fabric

    1. Fold your fabric in two layers, inside out, so you end up with two identical pieces. Then lay your template on the fabric and secure it with the pins all around so that it cannot slip.

    Cut Template

    2. Trace the template with the pen and cut out your motif. You can remove the template to do this, but the pins will help hold the two layers of fabric together. Now you can start sewing both halves together, but not completely! To do this, sew both halves together with the insides facing out with a margin of about 5 millimeters all around. Be sure to leave a gap to stuff your stuffed animal through. Stuffed bunny is sewn up

    3. When both halves are sewn together except for a small piece, you can turn them inside out and start stuffing your animal. You can use a brush, for example, to get into all corners.

    Decorating stuffed bunny

    4. When your animal is stuffed, you can close the open area with a mattress seam so that it is invisible from the outside.

    Stuffed Bunny and Stuffed Hen

    5. Now you can decorate your rabbit and hen, for example with a pompom and a decorative ribbon.


    Author: Isabell Gritzka

    Eliane Wikert
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