Den Pink Drink everyone knows by now, but have you everm Lilac Drinkheard? Matching our new trend color Lilac from our current < span data-contrast="none" xml:lang="DE-DE" lang="DE-DE" class="TextRun Highlight SCXW202441878 BCX4">WildlifeCollection we raided the lilac bush in the garden to make lilac syrup from it. We are not only enthusiastic about the sweet and flowery taste, but also about the great color! In this blog post you will learn how to prepare the refreshing drink.

 Cocktail with lilac syrup

Flowering period from May to June

Be quick now! The flowering period of the classic lilac is from mid-May to early June. Of course, this flowering time also depends on the current weather conditions and can vary individually. 

Are lilacs really edible?

Yes! But it should not be eaten primarily in its raw state. The lilac blossom syrup, on the other hand, is harmless, as it has been heated for more than 20 minutes, thereby destroying any toxins.

The Lilac Drink is perfect for the upcoming barbecue evenings. It is best to harvest the last lilac umbels straight away and prepare the syrup. This keeps for a while in the fridge.

But now you want the recipe for our own creation, don't you? No problem, you can easily make the drink yourself:

Recipe Lilac Drink

* 10 lilac umbels
* 750ml water
* 500g sugar 
* 2 lemons

Here's how:

Step 1: Pick the flowers carefully from the stem. Tip: It's tedious, but removing each bloom from its green stem makes the syrup even tastier!
Step 2: Put the water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Add the juice of a whole lemon. Remove from the heat when the sugar and water mixture thickens slightly.  

Step 3: In another saucepan or bowl, slice the lemon and add lilac flowers, Pour over the sugar water and simmer for at least 20 minutes while stirring constantly. 
 < br class="SCXW8421128 BCX4">< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW8421128 BCX4">Step 4: Then acovered for at least 48h let steep in a cool place.
< /span> 
Step 5: Pass the syrup through a sieve and filter out the blossoms. 

Step 6: Pour into a clean bottle and refrigerate.
< span data-contrast="none" xml:lang="DE-DE" lang="DE-DE" class="TextRun Highlight SCXW8421128 BCX4">Step 7: < /span>Den Pour the syrup with sparkling water and lemon and garnish with ice cubes and enjoy. The ratio of syrup and sparkling water can be determined individually. Also tastes super delicious with sparkling wine!
PSST: For the optics we have some lilac flowers (boil beforehand for at least 20 minutes) frozen in ice cubes. This makes the drink look even prettier!

Lilac flowers, lemon and drink

We're ready for a great BBQ with friends and family. Because it goes so well with the drink, we covered the table with our tablecloth Angelina in Lilac and integrated lemons into the table decoration. How do you like the result? To do this, you can use the napkins Anne-Marie< /span> made of muslin in choice of Marigold or Off-White combine. Not only practical, but super summery on the table.  

We are excited about your Lilac drink and look forward to your link Repost on Instagram because we really want to share your creation with our community! And now we wish you a delicious barbecue party or a cocktail evening on the balcony, in the living room or wherever you prefer to enjoy your summer drinks.

Autorin: Anne-Marie Berlin

Eliane Wikert