Muslin is characterized by the fact that its slightly twisted threads make it very soft and fluid to the touch. But this wonderful fabric has many other properties that make it the ideal companion on hot summer nights! Here are the top 5 benefits of muslin:

Woman sleeping in sheets

1. Durable 

Muslin doesn't mind being washed over and over again. On the contrary - this only makes the fabric EVEN softer! For the first wash, you must wash your muslin product at 60 degrees, as muslin always shrinks a little the first time you wash it. We already calculate this and therefore sew our products larger so that they fit perfectly after washing. For future washes, however, we recommend lower temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees for the sake of the environment. In this way, the color of the fabric also remains beautifully rich for longer. With use and repeated washing, the fabric becomes softer and softer, giving it the typical muslin characteristics.

2. Supple 

Especially on hot summer nights, when we roll from left to right with the window open and just long for a little coolness, the soft feel of the fabric ensures a cozy feeling at all times . The fine fabric nestles gently against your skin and you can snuggle up to sleep without overheating!

Woman sleeping in muslin bed linen

3. Lightweight 

This applies to the weight of muslin as well as care! Few other fabrics enjoy such a light weight as muslin. In addition, our muslin products dry particularly quickly due to their nature. There is no need to iron afterwards either, as the crinkled texture is typical of muslin. It really couldn't be easier! Or?

4. Breathable

Thanks to the loosely woven layers, the air can flow through the fabric and optimally circulate . On hot days it is a very pleasant feeling when the fabric does not store all the heat and thus - at least from the side of the blanket- offers the optimal sleeping temperature.

Woman lying in bed with baby

5. Absorbent

Excess moisture caused by sweating while sleeping is absorbed by the absorbent material and securely closed. This saves you the uncomfortable feeling of waking up in sweaty, damp bedclothes.

Author: Jane-Lee Fromm< /em>