How many bodysuits does my baby need? Which material is suitable? How long does all this last? And: is it also sustainable? Expectant parents ask themselves these and many other questions during the course of pregnancy when they are dealing with the baby's initial equipment. The good news right away: You need less than you might think. Steffi and Janine, mom and midwife & Mom, Hey Wow Mom have created a checklist for you with lots of tips for baby equipment.

Baby feet in cheesecloth

The clothes

Less is more 

Do you know that too? Is your Instagram feed full of cute baby clothes and struggling not to shop everything right away? Our tip: 5-6 bodies and a few tops and trousers in size 50/56 are enough to start with. While your baby doesn't really care what colors and prints adorn their clothes, you can specifically choose the things that appeal to you. Enjoy being able to choose what your child wears - the time for wild color and pattern mixes is coming. 

It can also be used clothing. Whether second-hand portals or shops - with a little patience you will also find hardly worn clothing made of high-quality materials. Baby flea markets or lending clothes to friends can also make a lot of sense.

Of course, the number of items of clothing also depends on how often you can or want to wash and whether you have a dryer or a sunny balcony, for example. Nevertheless, less is always more at first. 

Quality instead of quantity 

Baby's clothes hardly get dirty in the first few months, apart from a few milk or spit stains. Therefore, we recommend that you rely on a few pieces of clothing made from natural materials. Bodysuits made of wool-silk or merino wool are a bit more expensive, but are more comfortable for your baby to wear. If they don't get really dirty, you can wear them for several days in a row.

Depending on the room temperature and body temperature of your baby, a bodysuit and trousers are often sufficient. Also look for wrap bodysuits and/or wing shirts, these do not need to be pulled over baby's head and can therefore be a wonderful alternative.

More than just practical and cute 

While your baby doesn't care what they wear at night, pajamas can help you create your own routines and rituals. He can ring in the evening for you, for example by putting on a different bodysuit and pajamas after a lot of cuddling and a baby massage on the changing table. This evening ritual can also help your baby develop its day-night rhythm later on. 

Buy later instead of buying in advance 

Perhaps you want to be prepared for all eventualities as early as possible. At the same time, it is very individual how fast your baby grows and what kind of clothing you can get along with. We therefore recommend that you always buy the next size up instead of already having winter clothes in the closet for your summer baby. In this way you avoid bad purchases and can then adapt baby's clothes to your wishes and needs in the best possible way - and you always have an overview of the wardrobe.

gauze or burp cloths are super practical for life with a baby. They can be used in a variety of ways and accompany many children for years, whether as a swaddle, as sun protection or as a cuddly blanket. Again: Don't buy for a hypothetical child who spits a lot, but rather order a few more if you realize that you need more.

Baby clothes


Disposable diapers? cloth diapers? Or diaper free? There are many ways to swaddle your baby. They all have their advantages as well as their challenges. You are welcome to find out during pregnancy which type of diapers are suitable for you and then try them out when your baby is here. For cloth diapers, for example, there are great rental and test packages before you decide on a system.

A tip from Janine and Steffi in advance: Even if you decide to use cloth nappies or the diaper-free method, you can still arrive with disposable nappies in the first few weeks make it easy as possible. Find your processes without any pressure and then adjust the diapers accordingly.


To clean the baby's bottom, we recommend you use a washcloth and warm water - for example from a thermos flask that you place at the changing table. On the one hand, wet wipes are cold, which can frighten your baby and feel uncomfortable, on the other hand, you produce a lot of waste over the entire changing time.

You can also do without expensive creams. Almond oil, which you can simply fill into an empty soap dispenser, is ideal for dry skin and is also very beneficial for a small massage. A diaper cream is always helpful, those with calendula are best.

A baby bath with a frame can be a real back protector and makes bathing the baby a pleasure for both of you. You can find both very well used on the internet. A bath bucket can also be a great, space-saving idea for you.

Care for babies

On the way

For walks or excursions, we recommend a baby carrier or a sling at the beginning. Your baby will love being carried, will enjoy being close and will be well warmed. The carrier is also a wonderful tool at home, which satisfies your baby's need for closeness and at the same time gives you the opportunity to have your hands free and to do something for you. If you decide to get a stroller, think about a footmuff for the colder days and insect and sun protection, especially for spring and summer. Purchasing these things can be a bit more of a hassle afterwards.

In general, you should avoid exposing your newborn to the sun. Since sunscreen should only be used very sparingly in the first year, a wide-brimmed hat is all the more important. < /span>


As a couple, think about how you imagine your sleeping situation to be during your pregnancy. Whether it's a family bed or an extra bed next to your bed - everything should of course also be prepared for your nights. 

In the first few weeks and months, swaddles can replace the sleeping bag, which is often too big for newborns at the beginning. Swaddling calms many babies because they know and love being wrapped up tightly from the womb. Let your midwife show you how to do it properly. A baby nest can also be a great idea. The little ones feel protected and you, in turn, have the opportunity to put your baby down safely and securely.

Babies in cheesecloth


On-demand breastfeeding is ideal for your baby. It not only gives him breast milk that is perfectly tailored to his needs, but also maximum closeness and security.

If you already whIf you know during pregnancy that you cannot or do not want to breastfeed, you can prepare yourself for this. Since babies only drink small amounts at the beginning, two to three bottles are definitely sufficient for bottle feeding to start with. A bottle water cooler can also be an ideal support.

In any case, a nursing pillow is very practical - even during pregnancy. It can make it easier for you to sleep and help you find the ideal position.

Not to forget: the initial equipment for mums

You as a mom are often forgotten when you first get your clothes. Your body has done a great job with pregnancy and childbirth. He now needs a lot of rest and time to heal and regenerate. That's why you can pay special attention to yourself and also sensitize those around you to your needs and how to meet them. The postpartum box from Hey Wow Mom can offer comprehensive preparation, she contains all the essentials and lots of inspiration for your postnatal bed. 


Was that too much information for you at once? No problem in our checklist for downloading and printing you have summarized everything compactly and can check off what you have already bought. Download here.

PSST: Why buy everything yourself when you can also get some as a gift? We have designed wish cards so that family and friends know exactly what you want and need. You can easily print this out, write your wish on it and pass it on! Here go to the wish cards.

Author: Isabell Gritzka

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