Every child has the right to a carefree childhood. But sometimes this right is denied by circumstances such as poverty, illness or violence. The Children-First e.V. association is committed to helping these children. We support the valuable work of the association regularly with various campaigns and would like to present the association and its concept to you today in more detail.

Children playing outside

The association was founded in 2017 and has set itself the goal of helping children and young people affected by poverty and violence. He works closely with the child and youth welfare of the city of Stuttgart and helps where support is needed and there are gaps in the range of help. Over 20,000 children and young people are already included in the projects. 

What exactly does the club do?  

The program focuses in particular on the subject of child poverty and everything that brings it with it. According to calculations, every fifth child is affected by poverty. If the so-called hidden poverty is included, it is even every third child. Child poverty can have many consequences, which can lead to life on the streets. Therefore, one focus of the association is "HousingFirst0711", an institution for homeless and homeless young people in Stuttgart. 

Every year, Children First and a partner donate school bags to first graders to give them a great first day of school.  

The association is committed to addressing the issue of child poverty and improving the situation in many areas. That's why he also raises the issue in politics in order to put it on the politicians' agenda. 

The Event Portal  

One ​​point that suffers from child poverty is the social participation of children. Many families simply cannot afford to go to the cinema, swimming pool or club. In these (and a few other) cases, the Federal Education and Participation Package (BuT) can help. But the application is often rejected. Children-First e.V. informs the families about their options and supports them with the application. 

Children-First created the event portal to make social participation easier for children and young people. Children and young people can register there and can then, for example, choose a ticket for an amusement park or a visit to the cinema, but also items such as school materials. In this way, the association wants to make social participation as easy as possible for everyone.

Logo of the association Children-First e.V.

tutoring for everyone 

When it comes to education, the association is committed to offering tutoring. He is currently building an education portal to make the offer more accessible. By working with volunteer teachers, Children-First is able to offer tutoring for free, helping any child who needs support. 

Eat better

Healthy nutrition cannot be taken for granted. In fact, children from socially disadvantaged families are more likely to suffer from health problems such as obesity or bad teeth, which are caused by their diet. Children First is therefore committed to better nutrition, for example in the form of a healthy breakfast at school. 

Meanwhile, the association has been able to expand its offers of help to all of Germany. If you want to learn more about the association or support it, you can use the here.

Author: Isabell Gritzka

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