Winter is just around the corner! That means the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and it means one thing above all - it's getting colder. In order to be well prepared for the coming season, we will give you four reasons why our muslin products are also great in winter and how you can make the cold days a bit warmer and cozier with us!

1. Prevent colds with muslin?

Maybe a bit harsh, but in fact, muslin can help prevent you from catching a cold in winter. We often wrap ourselves up so thick that we start to sweat. When the sweat then cools on our skin, the body temperature also drops faster and we are more susceptible to viruses and other pathogens. Our products made of muslin are therefore the perfect companions for winter, because the skin under the fabric can still breathe. The double gauze processing of our fabrics allows the air to circulate more easily, which ensures pleasant air permeability and you sweat less, although you are still wrapped up cozy and warm!

Muslin sofa blanket in winter

2. Muslin also dries easily without (hot) air!

Despite the fact that this is a very fine cotton fabric, our products are super hard-wearing and can therefore be dried in a tumble dryer without any problems, which is an advantage, especially in winter. However, what can also be beneficial is that our products dry super fast, even at room temperature! In winter, the fabric can therefore also be air-dried indoors and without any additional air from the outside. So you not only have a dry towel in a short time, but also a warm home.

3. Due to its linen weave, muslin is partly heat-insulating!

Our muslin fabrics are made from a variety of different fibers. The plain weave creates small air chambers between these layers of fabric, which provide a heat-insulating effect in winter. By the way, plain weave is a more advanced form of braiding. This means that threads are stretched on a weaving frame, which are alternately first stretched over and then under each other! Muslin is also an extremely cozy fabric, which makes it perfect for this time of year.

Muslin scarves in winter

4. Winter is tough - but so are our muslin fabrics!

Muslin is extremely durable! The fabric is therefore particularly suitable for this cold, robust season, as it is not so quickly taken away by ice and cold, but on the contrary retains its properties and shape. Almost too good to be true, the fabric even gets softer with each subsequent wash!

Author: Selina Müller

Eliane Wikert
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