For generations, the Advent calendar has been as much a part of the Christmas tradition as the beautifully decorated Christmas tree or baking cookies. Not only children enjoy sweets and other small gifts that sweeten the time until Christmas and increase the anticipation. Anyone who decides to make the advent calendar themselves not only saves money, but can also adapt it individually to the taste of the recipient. We have made a super simple advent calendar for you, for which you don't even have to dig out the sewing machine! If you still have leftover fabric lying around somewhere, you can use it up for this advent calendar!

Advent calendar

  • Fabric scraps (we used our muslin fabric)
  • Canvas (We used a 60x90 cm canvas)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue gun
Step 1:

Place the fabric on the canvas so that there is at least 5 cm of fabric left and right at the top and sides. About 150 cm of fabric should protrude downwards. Fold the fabric over at the upper end and fix it to the canvas frame on the back with the hot glue gun.

Step 2:

The advent calendar should have a total of six folds of fabric, into which the 24 presents will later be inserted. Starting at the top, grab the fabric with both hands about 20cm below the top edge and pull it up about 10cm. Then smooth everything out with your hands and repeat the process five more times.

DIY Advent Calendar

Step 3:

Use the hot glue gun to attach the folds of fabric to the sides. This also ensures stability.

Step 4:

Hold the folded fabric firmly and turn it over together with the canvas. Fold over the protruding fabric and glue it to the canvas frame with the hot glue gun. The fabric should be pulled as tightly as possible so that the folds are not too loose later and the gifts do not fall out. If there is still too much fabric, you can cut it off with scissors.

DIY Advent Calendar

Step 5:

Now fill the advent calendar with 24 gifts and you're done! We used brown kraft paper and packing tape for our gift wrapping and decorated the gifts with red dried berry twigs. We used a gold pen to write on the gifts, which looks very elegant. However, you can decorate the gifts as you like, there are no limits to your creativity!

We wish you a lot of fun tinkering and a nice Advent season!

Author: Xenia Niernsee

Eliane Wikert
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