Easter DIY: Milk carton bunny

Der Upcycling The trend doesn't stop here either! Today we will show you how to make cute bunnies out of two milk or juice cartons that you can fill with lots of stuff. How about a herb pot on your Easter table, for example?

Milk Carton Bunny


For this you need: 

  • two milk cartons per bunny 
  • Acrylic paint if you want to paint your bunny 
  • Paint face pens 
  • scissors 
  • Brushes 
  • Herbs or flowers for filling (we used cress) 

Milk carton cut

1. Cut off the top third of the first box, rinse it thoroughly with washing-up liquid and dry it.

Milk carton crushed

2. Press and knead the milk carton a little to make it more flexible.

Milk carton detached  

3. Now detach the top layer of the cardboard at the cutting point so that only the brown cardboard is visible. That should be easy.  

Milk carton folded down

4. Reshape the box and fold the top edge down twice, about an inch or two. 

< img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0079/8110/5225/files/Oster-DIY-Milch-Karton-Step-5_480x480.jpg?v=1615936051" alt="Milk carton is being painted ">

< span data-contrast="auto">5. Now you can paint the box to your heart's content. But you can also leave it as it is.

Bunny ears are cut out

< span data-contrast="auto">6. Do the same for the second piece of cardboard except cut off the bottom edge as well. Be careful not to cut off too much from both sides here so that you still have enough space to draw. Now unfold it and draw the ears for your bunny there. We lengthened the bottom part of the ears a bit so we can glue them on well. 

< span data-contrast="auto">Bunny ears are painted

< span data-contrast="auto">7. You can now paint the ears to match your rabbit. < /span>

< span data-contrast="auto">Rabbit face is painted on the milk carton

< span data-contrast="auto">8. When the paint has dried, draw a cute face on your rabbit.

< span data-contrast="auto">Bunny ears are attached with the hot glue gun

< span data-contrast="auto">9. Hot glue the ears to the opposite side and stuff your bunny as you like. We took cress from the supermarket. But you can also plant herbs or flowers!

< span data-contrast="auto">Rabbit planted with cress

< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW44854786 BCX4">Your milk carton bunny is ready. We think it makes a great herb pot! 

Author: Isabell Gritzka



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