None Dealer really want to talk about this, but unfortunately it happens every day: Millions unused Article are destroyed. From electronic devices to toys and clothing. Even though they are still in < span class="NormalTextRun SCXW226489417 BCX4">perfect state. We have decided to take action against it!

The collection from the previous year, unused returns, items with small blemishes: all these products are burned or geshreds because nobody wants them anymore and because that's cheaper than repackaging them and selling them again.< /span> Other products, such as care and cosmetics items, cannot and may no longer be resold for reasons of hygiene. Every second person ordered online Fashion items are returned, around 30 percent of which are no longer sold new (source: Greenpeace). This has a big impact on the environment , which will only increase with the destruction of these new products. The burning of clothing is a particular problem: the items are then completely destroyed; when shredding, the leftovers can at least be partially reused, for example to produce insulating material.

Due to the corona pandemic and the associated shop closures, half a billion unsold textiles are expected. Where to put it? Most fast fashion companies have these products destroyed because it is not worth keeping and is far too expensive. Due to the rapid change in collections and the constant flow of new items, there is no time or space left to sell these things after all. Unfortunately, donations are out of the question for most retailers, especially the small ones. Approximately 0.9 percent is currently donated. On donations in kind, but VAT must be paid, so that dealers in most F< /span>ällen still have to pay extra. The good news: Through an initiative, swaived sales tax on seasonal goods since March. But: The whole thing is only valid until the end of the year. 

< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW191910793 BCX4">We also don't want to destroy our older products or let them gather dust in our warehouse. That's why we decided to give them away. So if you're lucky, you'll find in your package soon additional Product in an old design but still in perfect condition! Waste fabrics are also with us not thrown away, but are still used. Since March we have been sewing our muslin< /span>Scrunchies so we have less < /span> produce and < /span>our fabrics in mind sustainable production complete can use up.

< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW191910793 BCX4"> What do you think about the topic? Let us know. We look forward to your comments and your Feedback. Link like us too @ hutchandputch and show us how you want your new product a new life!

Author: Isabell Gritzka

Eliane Wikert