< span data-contrast="auto" xml:lang="DE-DE" lang="DE-DE" class="TextRun BCX4 SCXW206849729">We want to be sustainable in all areas, also with the shipping packaging. Therefore we use for grass cardboard and ship climate-neutral. We would like to explain what grass cardboard is and why it is much more sustainable than conventional cardboard. 

Wir < /span> in our packages for unnecessary padding. Our muslin cloths 60x60cm in a set of two come for example in the appropriate Muslin bag, which can be wonderfully reused. But we also pack all other shipments in a space-saving manner and without unnecessary frills such as tissue paper or Loops. We also only use paper tape to seal our packages.

The GreenCor® packages< span data-contrast="auto">, in which we ship your orders, consist of a mixture of 30% grass paper and 70% recycled paper. They are also 100% recyclable, creating an ideal cycle. Grass paper is one of the most sustainable alternatives to conventional wood cardboard that are currently on the market. Sie is made from grass pellets that are produced without chemical processes. The production of grass cardboard is not very different from that of normal cardboard. The fibers are suspended in water and everything is drained again. This creates a fleece, which is then processed into cardboard. Because no chemicals are used, saves the process water and produces fewer greenhouse gases.



The grass comes from so-called compensation areas, so they are not used for agricultural purposes. This also means that they are only managed extensively, it will so interfered very little with nature and the growth process and used no fertilizers or pesticides. Many farmers use the land primarily to earn additional income from selling grass. Grass grows very quickly and since the areas are mowed twice a year a lot of raw material comes out and the area is used optimally. But don't worry, the grass will not be lost as fodder for animals, because its structure makes it unsuitable for this. By the way: Grass cardboard cannot cause allergies, so it can also be used and touched by allergy sufferers without any problems. 

We will then send our parcels to you climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen. We also send our B2B orders in recycled boxes, which we have left over from fabric deliveries, for example, and give them to them a second job.

DHL GoGreen Label

Author: Isabell Gritzka


Eliane Wikert