Mindfulness and deceleration are at the heart of “Slow Living”. The trend of "slow life" in German is on everyone's lips and is particularly popular in interior design. But what exactly does that mean in practice? How can I live like this? Today we want to follow.

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The slow living trend developed from the slow food trend that emerged in the 1980s almost as a counter-movement to fast food in Italy. Today it mainly stands for a < span class="NormalTextRun SCXW267470054 BCX4">decelerated and a life that is as stress-free as possible, away from consumer stress and pressure to perform.

What makes up the trend? 

Above all, conscious decisions should be made that do not arise from the rush of the moment, but want to be carefully considered . It's not about a sudden lifestyle change overnight, slow living is, as the name suggests, a slow process. Step by step each part of your life can be adjusted and das can start with little things. Lege For example, take your phone off your hands at breakfast and simply enjoy the peace and quiet in the morning, without distractions. Or take a few minutes before bed, to consciously reflect on your day.

In the kitchen, a lot of value is placed on fresh and regional products, cook for yourself and consciously enjoy. No-Waste or Less-Waste goes hand in hand with the Slow Living concept, because those who live and shop consciously producealso less (unnecessary) Garbage.< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW214208800 BCX4"> A feel-good atmosphere should be created in the bathroom, like a Spa for at home, in which Self-Care comes first.

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Minimalism is probably best suited as a synonym for Slow Living furnishings. Aalso other trends fit very well into the concept, for example the Hygge, Japandi or Wabi-Sabi trend. It's all about about things to have yourself who bring you joy and who have been consciously chosen. Your furnishings and your feelings and thoughts influence each other.

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This is what matters: 
  1. The colors are simple and muted: taupe, off-white, grey, broken up by light color accents in pastel< span data-contrast="auto">n colors like green, blue or pink. 
  2. Natural materials bring a certain cosiness and a Connection to nature: at the forefront are plants that not only bring a splash of color, but also help with deceleration and the general living climate.
  3. The naturalness is also brought by furniture made of wood or rattan and Textiles made of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool or also fur.
  4. Sustainability and longevity are important criteria that the facility should fulfil. Away from consumerism, few things should be bought that last a long time. Also popular are vintage or second-hand furniture that exudes charm.
  5. The design is kept straight and simple without appearing boring. Functionality is first. 
  6. The lighting also plays a big role . Warm light creates a cozy feeling and offers the necessary balance to the harsh light from smartphones and laptops. Incidentally, you can achieve the most beautiful light with indirect lighting. Do without the ceiling lamp and use a few smaller floor and table lamps instead.
Wie do I start? 
  1. Mucking out and clearing out are the be-all and end-all of the living trend. Marie Kondo is right when she asks "Does this spark joy?" Does that make me happy? If not, away with it. It's about keeping your space as clean and simple as possible and only keeping what you really need and really makes you happy. Clarity in your apartment brings clarity to your thoughts, because the chaos in your surroundings is often reflected there.
  2. Choose a look. What do you really need? Without a plan, impulse purchases can quickly happen and your closet is already full of things you don't actually need. A moodboard and a list of e essential things can help to keep track. 

That may sound like a lot of rules and regulations. Ultimately, however, it is about you feeling good and comfortable in your 4 walls and your life. Sometimes three of the same bowls in the cupboard are a pleasure and the fifth cushion on the couch brings the necessary comfort. The only important thing with slow living is that you think about it and live consciously. 

Author: Isabell Gritzka

Eliane Wikert
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