Let's get wild: FS21 Kollektion

Spring only brings soft pastel colors? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! We're going strong this year. Inspired by a ramble through the jungle, our new spring/summer collection 2021 "Wildlife" comes with strong and bright colors and colorful designs. Are you ready for bright colors and exotic designs?

Açai and Marigold colored muslin scarves worn by two children

Why Wildlife? Because this year we longed for new adventures and strange worlds more than ever. We want to discover exotic animals, extraordinary plants and breathtaking scenery in the jungle. With our new collection, the jungle and the associated feeling of adventure and wanderlust comes straight to your home.

There is, for example, the monstera, which forms the backdrop for our toucan with its unusual leaves, or the lianas, against which the colorful dragon fruit comes into its own. With our collection colors, we not only want to depict the infinite variety of colors of the rainforest, but also want to stand out from the so-called monotony. Loud instead of muted colors that may sometimes require a little courage, but always provide that special "splash of color".


Of course, the classic blue could not be missing in our new collection. But aqua is anything but a classic blue. For us it's as refreshing as jumping into a jungle lagoon and gets us in the mood for summer.

Aqua muslin scarf worn by boy


The most delicate color in our collection and yet expressive - exactly the hutch&putch style. A dreamy shade of lilac that reminds us of spring trips and the scent of the lilac plant.

Muslin scarf lilac worn by woman


For us, as the name suggests, jungle is the color of the jungle par excellence. We wanted a special green that would stand out and really shine. In any case, we feel transported to the jungle and ready for new adventures.

Muslin scarf in jungle color worn by girls


Marigold radiates absolute joy and warmth for us. The strong color, based on the marigold, brings vitality and energy into your home and is the perfect addition to your summer outfits.

Marigold color muslin scarf


Who doesn't know it: the Açaí bowl. With our Acai, the trend color is also coming to your home, just in your bed instead of in your bowl. The exotic flair of the miracle berry is definitely guaranteed.

Muslin scarf in acai color worn by woman

Dragon Fruit

Our new favorite fruit? Definitely the dragon fruit! You just want to bite into it! In combination with the exotic lianas, the bright pink immediately puts you in the mood for summer.

Dragon Fruit Baby Gauze Cloth


The toucan is probably one of the most extraordinary jungle birds. He lives high up in the treetops and is actually difficult to see there with a lot of luck. Only his loud singing draws attention to him. Thanks to our new cheesecloth design, you can now admire and enjoy him again and again.

mushroom toucan

Author: Isabell Gritzka



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