Mulltücher Love and Peace im Musselin-Beutel
Musselin-Stoff Mulltuch Love&Peace
Mulltücher Love&Peace Baby

Swaddle organic cotton 60x60cm (24x24") • Love&Peace • Set of 2 • Fundraising

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For each swaddle set sold, we donate 1 Euro to the Stuttgart-based association Children-First e.V., which works to help children and young people affected by poverty, illness and violence.

Designs of our swaddles

With the swaddle set Love&Peace, we want to make a statement and remind people that love, security and peace are not a matter of course for everyone. For this reason, we donate 1 Euro per sold swaddle to the Stuttgart-based association Children-First e.V., which supports children and young people who are affected by poverty, illness and violence. Our swaddle set is packaged in a matching muslin bag and makes an ideal gift for a baby shower or to celebrate the birth of a baby.

Material of our swaddles

Our swaddle set Love&Peace is made of 100% organic muslin cotton and has a double-layered structure (double gauze), which makes it particularly absorbent in case of little mishaps. Muslin is known for being wonderfully soft to the touch, which makes it perfect for sensitive, soft baby skin. All our swaddles are sewn in Germany and meet the GOTS standard.

Use of our swaddles

Our swaddles are versatile and absolute all-rounders. They can be used as a stroller cover, sun protection, a light summer blanket, a snuggle blanket, or more traditionally for breastfeeding and swaddling. Time and again, customers tell us how creatively they are already using our swaddles. From a picnic blanket to a beach towel, everything has already been thought of!

Sizes & care of our swaddles

  • Practical set of 2
  • Size 60cm x 60cm (24x24“)
  • Machine washable 40°C
  • Dryer-proof
  • Non-iron

By using and washing them, our swaddles become softer and softer over time which gives them their typical muslin characteristics.

Our muslin cloths are made of 100% organic muslin cotton and are double-layered, which makes them particularly absorbent in case something goes wrong. Muslin is characterized by its wonderfully soft feel and is therefore perfect for delicate, sensitive baby skin. All our muslin cloths are lovingly and sustainably sewn in Germany.

Size and care instructions

  • Size 60cm x 60cm, in a practical set of 2.
  • Machine wash at 40°C
  • Air dry, tumble dry on the lowest setting
  • Non-iron

Our muslin cloths become softer and softer with use and washing, giving them the typical muslin characteristics.