Musselin-Halstuch für Kleinkinder in der Farbe Tannengrün
Musselin-Halstuch Tannengrün Tragebild Junge mit Mutter
Musselin-Halstuch Tannengrün Tragebild Junge mit Pusteblume

Muslin scarf toddlers • Pine Green

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✓ Made from 100% best muslin organic cotton.
✓ Sustainably and fairly produced in Germany.
✓ Soft, breathable and stylish.

Designs of our scarves

Imagine you are standing in the middle of a snowy Clearing of a national park in Sweden. The smell of the conifers fills your nostrils, you close your eyes briefly, perceive the silence around you... And there! It rustles briefly, but before you open your eyes again, the grey-brown reindeer has hidden in the forest again. Das Baby muslin scarf in fir greenfrom the Nordic Aesthetics collectionreminiscent of the green fir forests that stretch for kilometers across the countries of Sweden, Norway and Finland. It is the perfect accessory for toddlers and kids up to 6 years of age. strong>

Muslin scarf by hutch&putch

You don't need hundreds of scarves anymore! Our muslin cloth in fir green is the perfect accessory for all fashion-conscious people - whether winter or summer! Thanks to the breathable and temperature-regulating properties of the fabric, our muslin cloth is a season-independent all-round talent! Whether classic as a scarf, stylish as a headscarf, functional as a turban, or as a sarong and airplane blanket when traveling - this scarf is everything you need ;) Soft and scratch-free the must-have is available in many trendy ones colors and four different sizes for the whole family.

     Our muslin towels come in four different sizes:

    Are you unsure which size is the right one? Then just look here in our size guide!

    Our neckerchiefs are made of 100% muslin organic cotton and combine the impressive product properties of muslin with a modern and smart look - for everyone Season! Muslin is characterized by its wonderfully soft feel and is therefore comfortable and scratch-free on the skin. All our scarves are lovingly and sustainably sewn in Germany.

    Care instructions

    • Machine wash at 40°C
    • Air dry, tumble dry only on the lowest setting!
    • Non-iron

    Our neckerchiefs become softer and softer with use and washing, giving them the typical muslin characteristics.