Musselin-Plaid "Daniela" • Red Violet

Musselin-Plaid "Daniela" • Red Violet

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✓ Made from 100% best muslin organic cotton.
✓ Especially warm thanks to 4-layer processing.
✓ Temperature balancing, soft and breathable.

Design of our sofa blanket

Our warm Muslin plaid in soft beige makes for extra cuddly movie nights or special cozy reading hours on the couch. The highlight of the plaid is its stylish fringes through which each living room gets a stylish update.

    Our sofa blanket is made of 100% muslin organic cotton and combines the extraordinary properties of muslin with an aesthetic look. All of our blankets are sewn by our own seamstresses or in cooperation with social institutions such as refugee projects, workshops for the disabled or women's prisons.

    Size and care instructions

    • Size 200cm x 135cm
    • Machine wash at 40°C
    • Air dry, tumble dry only on the lowest setting!
    • Non-iron

    Our blankets become softer and softer with use and washing, giving them the typical muslin characteristics.