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✓ Reusable packaging made from recycled plastic.
✓ Reimbursement of the deposit amount after free return.
Saves resources and CO2.

What is boomerang?

Boomerang Packs are reusable shipping bags made of recycled old plastic for more sustainable consumption in online orders. IIn contrast to conventional disposable cardboard boxes or polybags, Boomerang's reusable shipping bags can be reused 50 times, replace 50 disposable cardboard boxes and thus save 80% on CO² emissions and packaging waste. After repeated use, they are processed in Germany and returned to the cycle.

Use is complete FREE. There is only a deposit of 3€, which will be fully refunded after the shipping bag has been returned (as a return or empty).

How does reusable packaging work?

1. Choose Boomerang as a shipping option in the online shop. The deposit amount of 3€ is deposited. You will then receive your goods in a Boomerang Pack.

2. Now you have the possibility to return your Boomerang Pack in two ways. Either returnIf you want to return the goods to the online shop, where you have placed the order or as empty shipment directly to Boomerang if you want to keep your ordered items completely.

In the case of an empty shipment, simply fold the bag up to A4. Unfold Boomerang's shipping label so that it is visible from the outside and remove or black out the original shipping label. Then simply take it to the post office or drop it in the nearest mailbox.

3. The deposited deposit will be refunded to you immediately after receipt of the package.

Aus 100% bester Musselin Bio-Baumwolle - Nachhaltig und fair in Deutschland produziert.