Morning before going into the kindergarten or in the school goes, make a quick break for the children and that best fast, tasty and healthy. It's not always quite like that simple, da it in the morning between getting up and brushing your teeth, Agetting dressed and breakfast can often get stressful. There there is often hardly any time, Thinking about the children's lunch breaks. That's why we have here for you three quick, tasty and healthy Lunch ideas so you don't have to think long in the kitchen in the morning and can start directly!

< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW45646243 BCX4">Breakfast in a bread box

Breakfast Idea 1

You need: 
* Pretzels
* Cream Cheese
* Tomatoes
* Grapes
* Nuts
< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW126174246 BCX4">During our first break breakyou smear a pretzel your choice (we took these cute little pretzel sticks) < /span>with cream cheese. After that halfrt small tomatoes and covers the pretzel with it. For this we have ae handful of grapes in the Lunch box packed. What fruit you choose is of course leave it to you. It is best to choose your the fruit which your child likes to eat or which one you have in the fruit basket right now. In addition to fruit, nuts are also a great snack, because nuts contain important nutrients of course decide for yourself. We chose a nut mix with raisins.
Breakfast bread, vegetables and fruit in bread box
Breakfast Idea 2
You need: 
* 2 slices of bread
* Sausage
* cream cheese
* cucumber
* Grapes
* small bananas

Break bread number two consists of two slices of bread, which we spread with cream cheese and topped with (vegan) sausage. You can of course also top the bread with cheese, depending on what your children prefer. We then shaped the sandwich with small cutters. Especially if your child doesn't eat that much or doesn't like to eat, maybe it will work out better, wcuz the bread looks like a little dinosaur?  

There is also a sliced ​​cucumber. As you all know, cucumbers contain a lot of water and are therefore the perfect snack, especially in summer! Of course, a bit of fruit should not be missing here either. We put grapes in the lunch box again. There's also a banana (tip: buy small bananas, they fit perfectly in the lunch box and don't have to be divided in the middle and don't turn brown so quickly!). In addition to the fruit, we also filled the lunch box with butter biscuits. Your child will be delighted!

Breakfast bread, fruit and vegetables in bread box

Breakfast Idea 3

You need: 
* Wrap
* Sausage
* cream cheese
* cucumber
* carrot

For our third and final sandwich idea, you first need a wrap. Spread it with cream cheese and then top it with sausage and cheese. Of course, you too can use vegan alternatives and fill the wrap as you please. (Tip: Make sure that you spread the cream cheese all over the wrap and only place the sausage and/or cheese in the middle so that the wrap can be rolled up easily and the cream cheese holds the ends together). When the wrap is occupied, it is rolled up. You then cut the roll into small rolls so that they fit well in the lunch box. We cut a cucumber and a carrot into strips. The same applies here: Take the vegetables that your child likes to eat. Exactly the same with fruit. This time we cut sweet hearts out of apple slices. It makes eating fruit so much more fun! Or not?

Wraps and vegetable sticks in bread box

These were our three lunch ideas. Of course you can fill your children's lunch boxes as you wish. The main thing is that your children look forward to their lunch break! If you try to copy one or the other sandwich, feel free to tag us on Instagram with @hutchandputch. We look forward to your delicious snacks! 

Have fun imitating!  

Author: Hannah Ziesel

Eliane Wikert