We want to produce our products in Germany, that was clear from the start. But not just anywhere in Germany, but as regionally as possible, so that we can maintain personal contact with our seamstresses. That's why we've had a large part of our products sewn with magic thread for the past three years. However, the magic thread is not just any sewing room. Behind this is a great project, which we would like to present to you in more detail.

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The magic thread in Schorndorf is a sewing workshop where refugees and asylum seekers can work regardless of their residence status. The non-profit project was founded in February 2015 and combines three essential aspects: work, language training and culture coaching, which is intended to help the refugees to get along in the German social and work system.  

The big goal of SükriyeDöker and Matthias Römer, the heads of the magic thread, is to help people who have sought protection lead an independent life in Germany and be able to carry out all tasks yourself. First and foremost, this includes learning the language, but above all support with the many and often very complex administrative procedures to the job center or the district office. 

People from all directions and situations come into the magic thread, often because they feel underchallenged in their transitional dormitories. In the magic thread they have the opportunity to experience a structured daily routine. Even if it is not a real employment relationship, a lot of it works like any other job: for example In the event of illness, employees must obtain a sick note from the doctor. This should help them to fit into a regulated work environment.

Woman cuts fabric and packs goods  

A typical day at the magic thread starts at 8:30 am, in a good mood and of course on time. A lot of value is placed on punctuality in order to make everyday work as “realistic” as possible. Music is played and the work begins. Most of them already know what needs to be done, others ask for new tasks. The knowledge and interests of the refugees are addressed in detail. Some have previous sewing experience, but this is not a requirement. The magic thread is all about having a regular daily routine and work routine. 

Therefore, the tasks are diverse: the fabrics have to be laid out, cut to size and arranged in task packages that the seamstresses can then pick up. A few employees who already know their way around take on the picking, which means they take care of the processes and plan the orders. While some work, others get language lessons. This takes place from Monday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., individually or in a group. Tuition is provided by volunteers, many of whom are retired teachers. In this way, the needs and level of knowledge of each individual refugee can be addressed.

People in class 

At 11:30 it's time for breakfast together, where we exchange ideas and spend time together. The refugees take it in turns to serve in the kitchen. The working day is over after six hours. All sorts of textiles were created during this time: from BeFrom linen to pillows and towels to the aprons and bags made by magic thread, which are also sold there.

People having breakfast  

The orders that the sewing workshop accepts are diverse and come primarily from companies that value sustainability. In return, however, they must also be able to deal flexibly with the special circumstances of the workshop, which means that there may be delays in the process and not all orders of all sizes can be accepted.  

The cooperation with hutch&putch came about when our founder Josephin was looking for a sewing shop. However, it should not be just any, but one that is really made in Germany and is trustworthy. A friend's mother recommended the magic thread to her. Josephin immediately got in touch and was immediately enthusiastic. There it was not only about results, but also about personalities and people. Establishing personal contact and a relationship was important to Josephin, which is why the magic thread was the ideal partner with his work. We are incredibly happy to have found this great partner in the magic thread and look forward to a long and continued good cooperation!

If you want to know more about the magic thread and its work or want to support it, you can here on his homepage do. We were there at the magic thread and produced a video in which the two founders and employees have their say. You can watch the video here on our Instagram channel @hutchandputch watch.

Author: Isabell Gritzka

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