Page In a short time we see them everywhere: bubble candles. We've now brought the trend into our home and poured our own bubble candles. Because this trend is very easy to implement, we want to share our guide with you. Let's bring the bubble candle trend into your living room!

< span class="NormalTextRun SCXW168077760 BCX4">Two bubble candles

This is required:
  • Bubble candle shape 
  • rapeseed wax (or old candles)
  • Colors or color pigments (you can also use wax crayons for the color) 
  • Candlewick 
  • Casting mold (or old washed jam jar) 
  • Chopsticks 
And this is how it works:

Step 1: When you have made the bubble shapes made of silicone < span data-contrast="auto"> bought new, you still have to poke a hole for the candle wick. This is best done with a hot needle. Grasp this with pliers or similar as it gets very hot. As soon as the hole in your bubble is-Fshape, you can put the candle wick through it. Then place your shape on chopsticks. You place these on the thin bars between the balls. This way you can make sure that the balls don't deform unsightly. You also hold the candle wick in the middle with chopsticks. 

Note: Where you pour the wax will be the base of your candle. < /i> 

Step 2: Slowly heat the wax in a water bath , until it is completely liquid. Then add the color pigments and stir to a homogeneous mass.  

Step 3: Now the bubble mold is filled to the brim with the hot rapeseed wax. The candle must now cool down at room temperature for several hours.

Step 4: As soon as the candle has cooled down completely, you can remove the silicone mold, shorten the wick and decorate your home with the candle or wrap it as a gift.

Make bubble candles yourself

We have the steps again for you as a video on our Instagram channel Feel free to watch HERE. We are excited to see your bubble candles. Feel free to share your creations with us on Instagram and tag

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Eliane Wikert