Carnival is just around the corner! Looking for a cute last minute costume? Then this super easy rainbow fish costume is for you! If you still have leftover fabric lying around somewhere, you can use it for this!

Rainbow Fish Costume for Mardi Gras DIY

For this you need:
  • Fabric leftovers in different colors (we used our muslin fabric)
  • T shirt
  • Fabric scissors
  • Textile glue (alternatively you can also use the sewing machine)
  • piece of cardboard
  • Pen
  • tutu

Step 1:

We need a total of about 50 scale-shaped pieces of fabric for the fish costume. To do this, transfer the shape of a scale onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out with scissors. We'll use this as a template for the scales so that everything is consistent afterwards.

Step 2:

To speed up the cutting, you can take a piece of fabric and fold it four times until it's about the size of the template. Then place the template on the fabric and cut out the shape. Repeat the process with different colors of fabric until you finally have about 50 scales.

Step 3:

Now the scales just need to be glued (or sewn) onto the t-shirt. We start at the bottom of the hemline and work our way up row by row. It worked amazingly well with the textile glue - so sewing with the sewing machine is not absolutely necessary!

A tutu in the matching color completes the whole costume. And the fish costume is ready. Super cute, isn't it?

Author: Xenia Niernsee

Eliane Wikert
Tagged: menu_DIY