The latest furnishing trend is called: Scandifornian. This is a mixture of Scandinavian and Californian style. Even if the name, which incidentally was coined by designer Natalie Myers from LA, is new for the time being, you will certainly have come across this furnishing style before, as everyone is talking about it at the moment.

Scandifornian style setup

The Scandinavian furnishing style has become indispensable. It is characterized by simple elegance, neutral tones and minimalist decoration. That is why it is often combined with other styles, for example with the Japanese to Japandi or with Californian to Scandifornian.  

The Californian style is characterized above all by a Boho impact off. It says Decoration over decoration with airy and woak textures instead of straight and plain lines. Everything to make the 'laid back' to represent the Cali lifestyle.

What does the Scandifornian do Style off?  

Light colors with small accents 

One ​​finds white walls in every Scandifornian house. Light colors that create airiness, lightness and a clean atmosphere can be found in both Scandinavian and Californian furnishing styles. Spots of color in earth tones - Terracotta, mustard, rust red - offer accents and make the room appear less cold and sterile.

Natural materials 

Nature is finding more and more space in many furnishing styles. That is why the Scandifornian style is also characterized by natural materials such as bamboo, sisal, linen or rattan. They bring coziness and at the same time airy environment. Plants, especially large ones, shouldn't be missing either.

Light wood

Light wood, such as teak, brings naturalness and down-to-earthness without being overwhelming. Floors, furniture, even < /span>bare Ceiling beams can and should be made of wood to make the room feel warm and inviting.  

Scandifornian style living room and bedroom

Mid Century Inspiration 

"Formfollows function< span data-contrast="auto">", the design of an item results from its function. This is the main feature of the mid-century style. Straightforward furniture with slender feet and without many ornate details. This furniture is also at Scandifornian style main players. Mid-Century means but especially large windows and open spaces that bring a lot of light.  


Even if the California style Boho elements contains, these should be chosen cautiously so as not to flood the room. Better one big picture than many small onesthe one on the wall for example. Textures also play an important role: stone, ceramics, clay. Everything nature has to offer.  

It's all in the mix 

Exactly the mixture of slightly playful Boho-< /span>Californian elements and simple, clear Scandinavian< /span> elements is what makes the Scandifornian style so interesting. So if you don't want to make a decision, this style is the right choice removed. 

Author: Isabell Gritzka

Eliane Wikert
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