School enrollment: outfit tips for the big day

Starting school is a very special and exciting day in a child's life. With school enrollment and the start of everyday school life, a new and important phase of life begins at the same time. It is traditionally celebrated with a colorful, often homemade, school cone filled with crayons, a friend book and of course lots of sweets. In addition to the school cone and the first satchel, the perfect school enrollment outfit should not be missing to round off this exciting and special day. Together with HeyJune we have created two cute school enrollment outfits. Here you can find out which fashion trends the summer of 2021 will offer.

Girl and boy with scarves

Romantic and playful

The trend colors this summer include soft pink and bright, intense pink. Especially playful dresses in pink tones with ruffles are a must this year. In general, romantic and playful pieces of clothing, especially dresses and skirts, are very popular. To round off the romantic, playful look, floral elements such as blossom and flower prints should not be missing on dresses and skirts. How about this sweet pleated skirt by HeyJune?

For those who aren't fans of rose and hot pink: A strong, rich purple is also very popular this year. If that's still too strong for you and you like it a little more reserved: also lilac tones, like our spring and summer collection color Lilac are totally trendy at the moment!

Summery and radiant

Orange and yellow tones, such as our collection color Marigold totally hip this summer. This color makes your kids' outfit shine and immediately puts them in a good mood. Combined with a plain white dress or a white shirt, this is the perfect outfit for starting school.

Girl with scarf, t-shirt and skirt


Also trendy this summer: practical and robust clothing. Corduroy trousers, skirts, dresses or dungarees are the main focus here. Cord is very robust and easy to care for. So how about cool corduroy dungarees and a smart shirt for school enrollment?

Natural materials

Other natural fabrics such as linen or cotton are also becoming increasingly popular. Garments made from these materials are the focus this summer. Linen trousers, shirts, dresses and blouses are must-haves for summer. Especially on hot days, linen is very comfortable to wear due to its texture. Linen is air-permeable and breathable, making it a must-have in summer. So why not a linen shirt with a pair of slouchy, comfy pants for school enrollment? Or a cream or white linen dress with cute sandals or ballet flats?

Colors such as cream or white, which are simple and timeless, are also popular. This combined with one of the bright trend colors such as pink, marigold or aqua conjure up the perfect, simple look with splashes of color!

Boy with scarf, t-shirt and trousers

Comfortable and casual

Another trend this year is cozy and comfortable trousers and shirts. Cloth pants and jogging pants can also be combined with a shirt or shirt and casual fabric pants become an outfit that can be worn for school enrollment. Are you still looking for pants that are chic and comfortable at the same time? Then these Pants made of cotton by HeyJune maybe something for you!

Trend or not: The most important thing is that your child likes the school enrollment outfit and feels comfortable in it



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