How to: Fill the school cone

One beautiful German tradition that is unknown in many other countries: the school bag - or as in some parts of Germany called: candy bag. Some time ago we already shared a tutorial with you about making a school cone, but today it's about the content. You'll also learn a bit more about where this custom actually comes from.

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Did you know?

The custom of giving children a cone-shaped bag when they start school dates back to the 18th century! The school cone was primarily given out to embellish the entry into the seriousness of life with a sweet consolation. Before the First World War, however, this tradition was still rather rare and mainly represented in Central Germany. Originally only given out at the beginning of school, nowadays confectionery bags are sometimes also given out at the transition to secondary school or at the start of training or studies - after all, who doesn't enjoy a colorful bag of presents? 

But what actually goes in a school bag? That is different. It used to be mostly sweets or useful things like a slate or pens. We have put together a few creative ideas for you on how to fill your school cone:

1. Sustainable lunch box 

Probably the most important time of the school day is of course the long break! A lunch box is therefore useful and makes eating more enjoyable when it looks as nice as < /span>for example this one from HeyJune!

2. Beautiful colored pencils

What could support children's colorful lives better than beautiful crayons to let them paint to their heart's content?< /span>

Lunch box and colored pencils

3. Stylish children's sunsglasses

Sunglasses not only protect children's little eyes in the sunshine, they also make them the coolest kids on the Schoolyard, that's for sure. 

4. Sweet friend book

After kindergarten, school is the first time when children make independent contacts and make many new friends. It's all the better if the child can then record the new friendships directly in a friend book and they can use it for themselves always remembered.

5. Cozy muslin scarf

With one of our muslin scarves, every school outfit gets that certain something.!  

6. Fashionable muslin scrunchie

Now a fashionable muslinScrunchie to tame the wild mane, and the school bag will certainly be a complete success that your child will be delighted with will be happy! Have fun giving presents!

Friends book and sunglasses

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