It's nice weather. We want out. How about a picnic? Here we have put together 3 quick and delicious recipe ideas for you. Quickly prepared, packed the picnic basket, grabbed the muslin blanket and off we went the meadow. Are you coming?

Picnic basket and picnic blanket on meadow

Delicious vegan pizza snails can be prepared quickly and are perfect for on the go, as they also taste very good cold.

You need:

* 1 ready-made pizza dough

* 100g vegan cream cheese

* a few cherry tomatoes

* Vegan enamel

Of course you can also prepare the pizza roll with non-vegan products and use cream cheese and grated cheese.

Vegan Pizza Buns

Here's how:

Roll out the pizza dough, spread with cream cheese, halve the tomatoes and place on the pizza. Roll up the dough carefully and cut into pieces. Place the pizza snails a little apart on a baking tray and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes until golden brown. Let cool and pour into a can. 

Our vegan date dip is super delicious with pizza snails but also with baguette.


* 150g Cream Vega

* 150g vegan cream cheese

* Pitted dates (soft)

* Garlic

* Salt & Pepper, some chilli

Date dip in bowl

Here's how:

Press the garlic and use it Place all listed ingredients in a bowl. Puree everything well and season with salt, pepper and chili. 

What goes for on the go, of course, is a Mediterranean pasta salad.

For this we need: 

* 500g pasta

* 1 glass of pesto of your choice

* 1 ball of mozzarella

* dried tomatoes in oil

* pine nuts

* Arugula

* spices of your choice

Itelian Pasta Salad

Here's how:

Boil the pasta in enough salted water and fry the pine nuts in a little oil until golden brown. Cut the mozzarella into pieces. Then put the pasta, pesto, mozzarella, pine nuts and sundried tomatoes in a large bowl, add some oil from the sundried tomatoes and season with spices such as salt, pepper, basil and oregano. Before serving, drizzle the arugula over the salad. Simply pour into a can for on the go.

Two women on the meadow having a picnic

Now just put all the prepared snacks in the picnic basket, pack some fruit and drinks, grab our muslin sofa blanket and get out into nature. What should not be missing from your picnic?

Author: Anne-Marie Berlin

Eliane Wikert