The School enrollment is a big milestone for our kids. Of course, this should be celebrated extensively. The satchel is packed, the school cone prepared and now the finishing touches are missing for a successful school enrollment party. No problem! A decoration in a school bag design paired with our Cloth napkins made of muslin and a few products that everyone has at home make the table at school a real eye-catcher . As a highlight of the day, a colorful cake will convince the children. You can also find our vegan lemon cake recipe in the Blogpost.

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It can be colorful and flashy. That's why we chose the decoration for the muslin napkins in marigold-set of 4" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Marigold decided. All other colors are also very good. You decide in which color the enrollment ceremony should take place. To the napkins and the muslin tablecloth in Off-White< /a> are joined by colored pencils. Everyone probably has these at home and are therefore an inexpensive but effective way of decorating. Small school cones can be made from colored construction paper. These are ideal as place cards, garlands, table decorations or cakeToppers. A few colorful sweets bring even more color to the table and serve as snacks in between.

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If you're feeling a little bigger, we recommend a delicious vegan lemon cake. Designed with chocolate beans and colorful sprinkles, this will be a highlight on the school enrollment table.

You need for 12 pieces:

For the cake

* 1 organic lemon

* 400g flour of your choice

* 8g baking powder

* 250g sugar

* 200ml almond milk

* 200ml sunflower oil

For the glaze

* 300g icing sugar

* Some water

Introduction table with cake and decoration

And this is how it works: 

The organic lemon auSqueeze and grate some of the peel. Place all the ingredients for the cake, plus the lemon juice and zest, in a large bowl and mix together. Pour the batter into a springform pan and bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees until golden brown. < /p>

The cake should be completely cool before garnishing. Then a glaze made of powdered sugar and a little water is mixed and poured over the cake. Chocolate lentils, gummy bears, chocolate and sprinkles are perfect for topping the cake. There are no limits to creativity here.

Training table with cake and decoration

We wish all school beginners a good start at school and hope that you can have a wonderful enrollment party. You want to make a school bag out of fabric for the big day? Then you will find one here Instructions. The school cone has been made but not yet filled? But now quickly: Here you can find out what belongs in a school bag.

Author: Anne-Marie Berlin